• AxiomVerge

    Axiom Verge Heading Towards Xbox One and Wii U

    Today in Las Vegas, Tom Happ officially announced that his critically acclaimed title, Axiom Verge, will finally release on Xbox One and Wii U. The indie retro-styled platformer initially launched on PS4 and Steam last year. This entire game was created by a single person… Tom Happ. That includes everything from programming, design, art and […]

  • FFExplorers

    Final Fantasy Explorers Review

    *Disclaimer* The reviewer received a review code from FortySeven PR. This does not affect his judgement.   Developers: Square Enix, Racjin Publishers: Square Enix Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: December 18th 2014 (JP)/ January 26th 2016 (NA)/ January 29th 2016 (EU) -A Middling Adventure Made Slightly Better With Co-Op-   For the newcomer to the […]

  • fable-legends-rgb-8e2ss-horiz-6000-preview

    Lionhead Studios To Shut Down, Fable Legends Officially Cancelled

    Lionhead Studios to close after 20 years of service Mondays are typically labeled as the worst day of the week. For the staff at Lionhead Studios and Press Play Studios, this Monday is particularly terrible. According to Hanno Lemke, general manager of Microsoft Studios Europe, Microsoft has officially cancelled Fable Legends and is “in discussion” […]

  • Yakuza

    Yakuza 5 Review

    *Disclaimer* The reviewer was given a review code by Sega’s PR. This does not affect his judgment Developers: Sega Publishers: Sega Platform: PlayStation 3 Release Dates: December 6th 2012 (JP)/ December 8th 2015 (WW) -Rightly dubbed the “Japanese Simulator game”-   People seem to have an attraction to the gangster underworld, probably to fill that […]

  • Tales of Zestiria

    Tales Of Zestiria Review (PS4)

    *Disclaimer* The guest reviewer received a review code from Bandai Namco PR. This does not affect his judgment For further inquiries into Samer’s works, be sure to visit his website as well: BITQUIPS   Developers: Bandai Namco Studios, tri-Crescendo Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Platforms: PS3, PS4, Microsoft Windows Release Date: October 20th, 2015 – You’ll […]

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