• six

    The Memorable Six

    *Disclaimer* This article will not replace the top 10 of 2014 article arriving in December 2014 is slowly but surely coming to a close. This year contained many ups and downs with the gaming community/industry taking more than a few blows to morale. Putting all of that behind us, the year thus far, has been […]

  • MLR

    My Little Rambling #62: Attention Record-Nerd Bronies: The “Magical Friendship Tour” LP is Here

    Since I’ll have to wait about a week until My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks is playing at a theater near me (and I don’t want to hear its soundtrack before I see it,) I’ll talk about another recent release in the world of MLP music: a Hot Topic-exclusive record. Released by label Spacelab9 […]

  • aliens

    Alien: Isolation Specs Revealed

    Aside from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, Alien: Isolation will also be getting a PC release. The game’s specifications will be an important piece of information for PC gamers. Luckily for you, they’ve recently been revealed.Minimum: - OS: Windows 7 (32bit) - Processor: 3.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 - RAM: 4GB RAM - Hard Drive: 35GB […]

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