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    Galak-Z: The Dimensional Review

    *Disclaimer* 17-Bit provided the reviewer with a press review code. This did not affect the reviewer’s judgment Developer: 17-Bit Publisher: 17-Bit Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC (TBA) -This is how anime games should be done- I don’t think it was a coincidence that I dreamt of Amuro Ray fighting Voltron, while I piloted a Gundam throughout […]

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    Entire GoW Collection With Gears of War Ultimate Edition Purchase

    Microsoft may have just knocked it out the park with this reveal. By purchasing the Gears of War Ultimate Edition on Xbox One, players can download the entire Gears of War series for free! Only the GoW Ultimate Edition will receive the remastered overhaul, which will have the multiplayer running at 1080p and 60fps, include […]

  • Metal-Gear-Solid-V-Will-Be-Last-Hideo-Kojima-Game-at-Konami-Report-476263-2

    What Happened Konami?

    Some of us view working within the video game industry to be this dreamy, easy going lifestyle and while that may be true at some companies, Konami has a very bleak situation for its employees. Thanks to a report by Nikkei, working conditions at Konami are confirmed to be horrendous, vile and a cruel manipulation […]

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    Console Diversity: Why It Should Be Important

      As people who play video games, be it the seasoned vets who started from the Atari days or those of who recently entered the community, there’s two words I’m sure have entered your ears or been read at some point. Before when these words were uttered, it was meant as a friendly rivalry, similar […]

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