• 2bamaster

    #mychildhood: PokeMusic Flashback #1: “Pokemon 2.B.A. Master” (1999)

    Last year, I decided to dub September “PokeMonth” to commemorate the fifteen anniversary of both the English-dubbed Pokemon anime and the Red and Blue Game Boy games (as well as Pokemon cards, which his the U.S. in December ’98). This year, I’ll talk about several other elements that were a big part of my Pocket […]

  • Korra

    The Legend of Korra Review

    *Disclaimer* Sandbox Strategies provided a review code to the reviewer. This does not affect his judgment Developer: Platinum Games Publisher: Activision Consoles: PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One Reviewed on: PS3 Know how Platinum Games are known for their flair in over-the-top moments and near anime styled action? Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta and Vanquish […]

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