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This website was created by a group of geeks from all over the great USA that wanted to share their passions of video games, movies, tv, comics, Internet trends and viral videos, anime, technology, cats, and all things nerdy with other cool people on the interwebz. This site is a place for all to embrace the geek, so this is a warning that things might get a little weird. And by weird, we mean awesome.

– the g33king out team

G33kingOut-TEAMLacey – Founder/Editor


Lacey founded G33king Out in July of 2013. Lacey has been a geek since an early age, when her parents bought her the STAR WARS trilogy box set on VHS. From there her obsessions grew with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on SEGA (Screw you, Aquatic Run) and shows like Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Now she is in love with everything from Halo and XBOX, to Lord of The Rings and The Hunger Games.

Follow her on Twitter @laceygilleran.

Matt – Editor/Writer


I write about Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Anthony – Graphic Design/Writer

Anime, video games and dancing frogs are all things that describe CaptainAsia. At night he can be seen drifting around the mountain passes of the US delivering tofu to hotels, and by day he is an Asian Clark Kent (except writing about weird stuff).

Marcus – Editor/Writer


I’ve been known as The Man Who Games but officially, I go by the name Marcus. My passion? Gaming. The Video Game Industry has been the passionate spark in my life since the days, where I would come home from school to watch Extended Play (later known as X-Play) and take notes. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb are still key figures I look up too and hope to meet one day.

I love gaming and that’s my role here at G33king Out. Not only am I one of the site editors, I contribute whatever I can in the vein of gaming. Be it articles, reviews, gaming streams or podcast; if video games are present, so am I.

Mark – Senior Writer


Mark is g33ky about a lot of things, including music (especially his hero “Weird Al” Yankovic); movies (just about anything goes in that category); TV (ranging from older Simpsons to Breaking Bad to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic); and video games (he started with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis, and his modern consoles of choice are the Nintendo 3DS and – most recently – Wii U.) Some of his other favorite things are cats, Chipotle burritos and long walks on the beach. His least favorite things include poison ivy (the plant, not the smokin’ Batman supervillain), rude people and the inevitability of making a typo or two.

Coda – Writer

Hello all my name is Coda, and video games are my oldest and beloved pastime. I have been gaming since I was 3 years old and my love for gaming, and its community, has grown with each passing year. This love started when I played Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo for the very first time solidifying it as one of my favorite games of all time. Some of my other favorites include the likes of; Castlevania Symphony of The Night, Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill 3, The Legend of Dragoon, and Persona 4. You might gather from that list that Survival Horror and JRPGs are my two favorite genres of video games and you would be correct. If you are a fellow fan of Survival Horror and JRPGs feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheCodaCrew, or if you just want to talk about games in general. As a heads up I will also tweet about anime as well.


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