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We here at G33king Out we love to support our local comic book stores, and oftentimes, they love to support us right back. Today we’re featuring reviews of a few new comics we received from our friends at Alternate Universe, a local comic store with locations in both New Haven and Milford, CT.  If you’re in the area, make sure you check the place out. This time we’re reviewing Earth 2 Annual #2, Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW, Damian Son of Batman #4, and Superior Spider-man #26.

Earth 2 Annual #2 – Written by: Tom Taylor, Art by: Robson Rocha



Any time you see a comic with “The SHOCKING Origin of Batman Revealed” splashed across its cover your natural instinct should be to snatch & grab that shit immediately! I don’t mean steal it either especially if you happen to be at 1 of the Alternate Universe stores. Make the mistake of thievery in there & you will end up paying for more than the swag you tried to lift. Not that the stores are staffed by psychos with big trunks, I’m mainly talking about the customers. Stealing from the A.U. is like stealing from 1 of us loyal customers. Personally, I’d be 1 of the first faces you’d have the pleasure of dealing with & I will enjoy it…you will NOT. Anyways, back to the Bat. This is hands down 1 of the best books I’ve picked up in this short year so far. It is a GREAT origin story, GREAT! Imagine a world where Thomas Wayne survived the attack that lead to the creation of Bruce’s Batman. Well, that’s exactly what happens here on Earth 2. Thinking that he would be protecting Bruce by pretending to stay dead he becomes a vigilante who knocks off various scum that have to do with the murder of the Waynes. He also injects himself with a short term strength enhancer which allows him to keep fighting at his advanced age. Bruce is furious that hes been alive all of this time & is now just choosing to tell him. He turns his back on his for making Bruce’s reasons for becoming Batman hollow & false. They never talk again but Bruce eventually dies saving the world & as a way of honoring his son Thomas Wayne becomes Batman. Seriously, don’t miss out on this comic especially if you’re a fan of the Bat. This is 1 of the better Batman origin stories ever penned period.

Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW – Written by: Brian Michael Bendis, Art by: Sara Pichelli



Guardians is a great book & 1 of my favorite titles on shelves today. That being said I was none too pleased with this book. It has so much good going on judging it by its cover which bares the title “The Trial of Jean Grey #1”. Being a huge X-Men reader as well as a Phoenix “phan” (mostly Dark Phoenix) this title did a whole lot more than intrigue me. Fans including myself have long awaited the return of Jean Grey. Marvel has stuck to their guns & kept the original Jean Grey in the grave. A rare thing considering this a comic universe where both big guns Marvel & DC are both guilty of recycling characters with little more than 6 months having passed between their deaths & return. So what kills it for me in this book is the fact that the Jean Grey on trial is the 1 from the past, X-Men First Class era. The Guardians are among a group of beings that want Jean punished for the crimes she committed as the Dark Phoenix. I guess peeps aren’t likely to forgive & forget too easily when you destroy PLANETS & entire species. Well, by the end of the book they all seem to agree that this Jean Grey from the past should & will be held accountable. Though I know I’m probably heading for more disappointment I will continue to follow this story with the desperate hope of somehow witnessing the real true blue return of the original Jean Grey aka The Phoenix bitches.

Damian Son of Batman #4 – Story & Art by: Andy Kubert



So here we are at the climax of Damian Son of Batman & what a climax it was! Kubert blows the doors with this effort which included him penning the storyline as well as drawing the wicked cool accompanying art. The story hits the ground running & doesn’t stop or even slowdown 1 bit. Damian, in his full Batman regalia is out trying to save Bruce from the clutches of “The Joker”. It just really shamed to have had written those words because this freak is not the Joker! He is a wannabe who has taken it upon himself to take up the mantle of The Joker since the man has not been heard from in a long while. This imposter is a much uglier version who claims to be all natural or born that way, other than that bit of info not much else is known about him. Even Damian says to himself that at some point he would like to hear the full story on this wannabe Joker. So in the end Damian saves Bruce but at expense of slaughtering the imposter right in front of him. Bruce being beaten to a pulp & barley conscious says nothing to Damian about the murder. As they walk away the fake P.O.S. comes back around seeming to have survived the beating he took when suddenly a bullet hits him right between the eyes putting an end to this Joker. We than pan up to see a smoking barrel in the hands of the original badass The REAL Joker! He looks as wicked as ever even with his new Reed Richards look with some grey hair replacing his trademark green along both sides of his head. This was an all around great series & at only 4 issues it’s fast as well as exciting. Mix all of that with the return of The Joker to Damian’s world of Batman & you get 1 hell of a series with an even better possible future…

Superior Spider-man #26 – Written by: Dan Slott, Art by: Ramos, Rodriguez, & Martin



In the beginning when they decided to make Doc Ock into the new Spider-Man I along with what seemed like millions of fans we’re pretty much finished with the series. The joke that was the “One More Day” storyline way back in Amazing Spidey #544 nearly killed off most readers from ever trusting Marvel again. This was when marvel decided to negate all of the significant developments in Spidey’s/Peter Parker’s life by making a deal with the Devil himself Mephisto. This included him revealing his identity to the world during Civil War which caused his home to be attacked nearly killing Aunt May. By making the deal it did save her life but it also ended his marriage to Mary Jane. As far as saving Aunt May goes I think it’s about time for her to shuffle loose this mortal coil without stirring up a big fuss, she is 1 of the longest living characters in all of comics 7 she’s done without having Superpowers !

Now back to the issue at hand Superior Spidey #26, if you love you some goblin action then this be the issue for you. Green Goblin & Hobgoblin are fighting an all out war against each other which has begun to cost them both dearly, financially as well as physically. So, right as it seems Hobgoblin has the advantage over Green Gobs & is readying himself to deliver the final blow Green Gobs offers a truce & suggests that they team-up. While all of this is going down between the goblins Spidey is in trouble with The Avengers for erasing files from the computer at Avengers HQ. A great scene is when they first show up to ask Spidey about their findings & he says he too busy fighting some villains to talk. Cap then screams “Avengers Disassemble!”, the team proceeds to demolish the rag tag crew that Spider-Man was too busy dealing with. This just enrages Spidey further so much in fact he quits The Avengers! Back at the goblin beef,  Hobgoblin was considering turning down Green Goblin’s offer when Green Goblin lifts his shirt to reveal a huge scar where a goblin glider had once struck him. Seeing this Hobgoblin realizes he’s dealing with The Goblin King himself, Norman Osborn. Automatically turning his rage into a sick form of hero worship & deciding to agree to Osborn’s offer of combining their might. Unfortunately for him it’s too late. Osborn pounces on him proceeding to choke the life out of him. Turns out it’s not Roderick Kingsley the original Hobgoblin lying there dead. What we in place is a brainwashed man named Claude who is just part of something called The Winkler Process, a mysterious plan that Hobgoblin has got in the works. This was a fun issue with plenty of action & what appears to be the unfolding of significant events for both Spider-Man/Doc Ock/Peter Parker & Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.

We would like to thank Alternate Universe for providing us with these comics to review, and we here at G33king Out truly hope you stop on by if you’re a local! Fan of the store already? Show your support in the comments!



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