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Terminator Genisys: Movie Review

Long story short:  Terminator Genisys makes a nice addition to the series. Coming off of the terrible Terminator: Salvation, there […]

Dead Island 2 – Trailer Review

The E3 2014 Dead Island 2 Trailer recently released, sparking an interest in a game that I previously hadn’t thought […]


Coming Soon: Expendables 3 Trailer Review

Have you seen the new Expendables 3 trailer? In a word: Amazing. Between the extraordinary cast of returning and new […]


A Gotham TV Show Not Focused on Batman? – Trailer Review

So the Gotham trailer came out last night; looks interesting – though I don’t know that I “get it”, per […]


I Hate Clash of Clans. Please Help Me Stop Playing.

Clash of Clans…  another “free to play” (see: soul sucking) game that’s addicting by design – and designed to rack […]


Trailer Review: Sin City – A Dame To Kill For

The new Sin City trailer is out, but all I can say is… ok.  Definitely a few cool visuals, and […]


Coming Soon: Godzilla (Trailer Review)

I suspect that little can be said about the latest Godzilla trailer that hasn’t already been said.  The sheer amount […]


Trailer Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I seem to be the only person who has absolutely no idea what this movie is about.  Nevertheless, I watched […]


Don’t F*ck THIS Up at Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a place of excitement, one of skill, battle, and honor.  Impressive as many aspects of the evening’s […]


My Name is Howard Kleiner… I’m Here to Help You

Arnold goes undercover as Howard Kleiner, the finest Danny Trejo lookalike employee Gold’s gym has ever seen.  Check out this […]