Axiom Verge Heading Towards Xbox One and Wii U

Today in Las Vegas, Tom Happ officially announced that his critically acclaimed title, Axiom Verge, will finally release on Xbox […]

Tales From The Borderlands STEAM Giveaway

We here at G33king Out do more than just provide people with news about the happenings within the geek world. […]

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Don’t Mess with Miss Piggy – New Video Parody

A new video has surfaced proving one thing: Don’t mess with Miss Piggy. In the hilarious parody done by Vulture, […]


The Walking Dead Returns Oct 11

Seems like San Diego Comic Con is being taken over by walkers! The Walking Dead season 6 trailer has been […]


Cel Shaded Transformers Draws Attention

UPDATE: It would seem we don’t need wait on E3 for confirmation about Devastation. Best Buy lists the game as being developed […]


Velvet’s Her Name And Pirate Is Her Game!

Tales of fans rejoiced over the weekend during the Tales of Festival, which took place at the Yokohama Arena in […]


My Little Rambling #72: Will My Little Pony Disappear From Netflix Streaming in February?

Since waiting around for re-runs is sooooo last century, more and more TV shows are being made available for legal […]


G33king Out Recap of San Diego Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con might have come and gone, but geeks everywhere are still talking about all the great announcements. […]


Single Sailor Moon Episode Drawn in OVER 250 Different Styles

The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon has a different look – over 250 to be exact! A project by the name […]


Blur Studio’s Animation/FX Reel is EPIC

This past week we happened upon the Animation/FX Reel of American visual effects, animation and design company Blur Studio. They’re responsible for […]