Coming Soon: Godzilla (Trailer Review)


I suspect that little can be said about the latest Godzilla trailer that hasn’t already been said.  The sheer amount of destruction shown in a few well placed shots is stunning, and hints at an inordinate amount of chaos destined to take place in this film.  Though I can’t shake the “Walter White” character from my mind (who can?), one imagines that Brian Cranston will do a fantastic job with the role.  What caught my attention (within the scope of the the plot, lightly hinted at in the trailer) was the “real life” tie in to the extraordinary number of nuclear tests from years past.  Linking those “tests” as actual covert attacks against the would be Godzilla was a twist I hadn’t before seen (or caught on to), and really helped cement the film in my mind.  That sort of real life tie in brings the trailer (and one hopes, the movie) to the next level for me, and helps bump this movie to my “must see” list.

There’s plenty more to be said, but there’s certainly value in surprise.  Check out the trailer below, and let me know if it resonates with your thoughts / interests relative to the direction of the movie.



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