Console Diversity: Why It Should Be Important


As people who play video games, be it the seasoned vets who started from the Atari days or those of who recently entered the community, there’s two words I’m sure have entered your ears or been read at some point. Before when these words were uttered, it was meant as a friendly rivalry, similar to the age old “Mario vs Sonic” debate. However, now what was once a simple issue, has blown up into a cutthroat blood bath that no one should want a part of. What words am I talking about? It’s simple folks: Console Wars.

Look at any comment section on a well-known publication site pertaining to console wars and I’m sure you’ll find some of the dregs of the internet posting there. While I’m all for having a preference console, I don’t think it’s wise to simply negate other systems just at a whim. Video games are my passion and I love them with practically all my heart, so I could never possibly think not to buy consoles as a part of this childish war. My firm belief is that in order to truly enjoy each generation of consoles to come out, each one should be owned because they offer completely different experiences. Forget calling PS4 owners “Ponies” or Xbox One fans “Xbots”; there’s much more to this community than hateful name calling.

Another great way to get the most out of the gaming sensation is to respect fellow gamers. I’ve noticed many hardcore fanboys/fangirls on each side, chastising someone else simply because of their console choice. People may have the right to freedom of speech but we don’t have the right to put someone else in the dumps all because we can. I may not like what has become of Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty but I certainly won’t look down on my fellow gamers for wanting to support the franchise. Hypothetically, in the event people try to claim either franchise as the end all be all of games and suggest no game can or will ever reach their status, that’s when heavy disagreement must be had.

We can all disagree with others’ input and still have a civil discussion without getting immature.

I recently purchased a PS4 for Arkham Knight, Bloodborne and plenty of other games and yet, I also have my Wii U sitting next to the PS4. I bought the Wii U because most of friends already had one for Mario Kart 8 but a lot more people hopped on the Wii U train for Super Smash Bros. Had I decided not to get a Wii U because I thought “it was too childish”, I would have missed out on late night Smash parties. Even Bayonetta 2 gave me cause to purchase Nintendo’s console; I really enjoyed the first one and couldn’t miss out on the sequel.

Playing my PS4 has brought me such joy over these past few weeks. Sticking with the dying PS3 and Xbox 360 started to take its toll on me; online communities were dead and no exciting new games to try. After playing the wonderful Bloodborne, I can’t fathom how some people choose to go out their way and not want to try new titles. Bloodborne has become one of my all time favorite games and it can’t be played anywhere else besides the PS4; why hinder yourself from happiness because of this “war”. Not to mention, there are a ton of exclusives not available on any of console such as Uncharted 4, Until Dawn and more!

*Note* I don’t own Xbox One at the moment but I do hope to have one around in time for Halo 5

It’s also extremely hard to pinpoint exactly where this all started from. The problem with trying to solve this mystery is the multiple entry points so to speak. Resolution (as in 1080p) seems to be one of the troublesome areas where people abandoned ship, which will always prove to be a mystery to me. I get the argument that with the technology now, 1080p should be commonplace no matter what game is being developed. To this I say, it’s not the resolution that makes the game and people should remember this. Games could look so beautiful that people would think they were delivered from heaven and yet, if all other aspects of said game were terrible, we would have a truly garbage game on our hands. Graphics don’t always make games shine; they merely give us a more cinematic adventure.

To those of who simply can’t afford to buy every single console; I completely understand because I’ve been there myself. Gaming isn’t easy on the wallet and could often have said wallets crying to stop the abuse. Money is one of the huge factors for when I decide if/when to add a new console to my collection. I don’t have an Xbox One yet for exactly this reason, well, 85% of the reason anyway. Even saving up isn’t always an option as bills and life in general tend to get in the way. So when people say they can’t afford new consoles, I understand where they are coming from but I’ll never get why people choose to avoid certain consoles like the plague.

The ultimate point is we, as the gaming community are better than causing internal squabbles amongst each other. It’s alright to disagree on subjects as that showcases our individuality but to rip each others’ throats out over petty nonsense is another story entirely. The gaming community isn’t beyond saving and I believe coming to accept and respect each others’ console choice puts us on the right path. No one should have to be chastised for whatever console they choose to own. If we can’t respect each other in our own community, what makes people think others outside the gaming community will? Food for thought in this crazy world of ours.


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