Dead Island 2 – Trailer Review


The E3 2014 Dead Island 2 Trailer recently released, sparking an interest in a game that I previously hadn’t thought much about. A Dead Island 1 player, I enjoyed the original – but for whatever reason didn’t play all the way through, and didn’t get a ton of replay value out of it – though that’s likely less a reflection of the game than my schedule at the time.  The new trailer got me excited about this latest edition, taking (what felt like) a non-traditional approach to introducing the game.

With the perfect song backing the action, we see the extremely rapid transition from a beautiful day on the island to the nightmare of the zombie horde taking over – matched by the (very well done) transition of the guy the camera is following from athlete into zombie.  There’s something about the rapid transition (and quick defeat of the local residents) that’s exciting – capped by the arrival of a van full of our heroes.  As the trailer ends – I’m definitely ready to pickup a controller, and continue to story.

One open question in my mind – how will it ultimately stack up against Evolve, the latest in development from the team that brought us Left 4 Dead?

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