Don’t F*ck THIS Up at Medieval Times


Medieval Times is a place of excitement, one of skill, battle, and honor.  Impressive as many aspects of the evening’s entertainment are, so too must audience members have the skills to navigate an honorable battle of their own – the battle to make the most of the fantastic castle feast.

As with any good strategy game, what we’re ultimately talking about here is resource control.  In Command and Conquer’s Red Alert, one must carefully monitor their Ore intake and outflow.  In Age of Empires, strict monitoring of your wood, stone, and gold are key.  With the latest Free to Play (read: Pay to Play) game Clash of Clans, gold and elixer are critical resources.

In the case of Medieval Times & the Battle of the Castle Feast – the most critical resource you control takes the form of Pepsi.  The bountiful Bill of Fare contains a feast fit for a king – including 2 rounds of Pepsi.  Beware however, novice visitors – the Pepsi refill is delivered in accordance with a schedule, and (rightfully so) bends to the whims of no man.  To maximize your dining experience (assuming that you consider 2 glasses of Pepsi to be a key factor in maximizing your experience), you must drink your first Pepsi in full, prior to the round of refills.

Look sharp, and if you see your friendly Castle Staff member approaching with pitchers aplenty  – drink quick!  Your Castle cup is due to be topped off, and to miss a full refill would be to miss out on the thirst quenching nectar of the castle.

Heed my words closely, and your Medieval Times experience will be a fantastic one – akin to the many Medieval Times tournaments I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy over the years.



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