Coming Soon: Expendables 3 Trailer Review


Have you seen the new Expendables 3 trailer? In a word: Amazing. Between the extraordinary cast of returning and new characters, the movie promises to be an action packed flick.  As always with the Expendables, I’m looking forward to seeing the various action actors on screen together. As with each movie to date, there are some surprises – both in terms of who is ultimately appearing in the film, and who isn’t.

Others have criticized the series for being at times, a letdown.  I don’t think that’s been the case; rather it’s been the careful striking of a balance that gives us the action we want – while building enough of a storyline to develop the 3 movie series without it feeling forced.  Regardless, it looks like the latest (and if I’m not mistaken, final) edition to the series is one that doesn’t hold back.  As my favorite among the actors in the bunch, I’m looking to see how Arnold works into the plot this time around – hoping for a bigger role than he’s had in the past 2, following the trend thus far.



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