G33king Out Recap of San Diego Comic Con 2014


San Diego Comic Con might have come and gone, but geeks everywhere are still talking about all the great announcements. We don’t want you to miss any of action – so here’s our G33king Out Recap of San Diego Comic Con 2014!

Steve’s Pick: Marvel’s Comic Announcements

Despite the usual SDCC focus on movies and TV, my favorite news always comes when companies remember what the first C stands for. With DC mostly absent in actual comic book reveals, Marvel did not slow down one bit, releasing a whole ton of information on new titles and directions. These new releases, plus a few others, are what had Marvel comics shining so brightly this past weekend:
  • Al Ewing and Luke Ross start up Captain America and The Mighty Avengers, with Sam Wilson leading the team.
  • Angela: Asgard’s Assassin stars Thor’s new sister, with an excellent creative team at the helm in Gillen, Bennett, Jimenez and Hans.
  • New S.H.I.E.L.D. series starring Coulson and a whole string of standalone stories is due out, with Carlos Pacheco on art, and the always-spectacular Mark Waid writing.
  • Marvel adds three new Star Wars series, one by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson, and a Darth Vader-centric story led by Kieron Gillen again.
  • Jessica Drew gets another attempt at a solo series as Spider-Woman, combined with Silk, the new spider-powered character revealed to have gotten her powers at the same time as Peter Parker.
  • Original Sin gets an annual by Aaron, telling all about Nick Fury’s predecessor.
  • Charles Soule dives into the consequences of his Death of Wolverine story, penning new tales about the Weapon X program

Mark’s Pick: Shout! Factory to Reissue Two ‘Weird Al’ Home Videos



The biggest news for me personally is the announcement of two upcoming must-haves for any “Weird Al” Yankovic fan. The first is the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray release of his 1989 cult classic film UHF. The second is a long-awaited DVD for his 1985 mockumentary The Compleat Al. It’s described as an “almost true” re-telling of Al’s life story, mixing fact and fiction to provide a hilarious look at him asking Michael Jackson permission to parody “Beat It,” the memorable trip to Japan during “Eat It” mania, highlights from “AL-TV” and a whole lot more. Shout! Factory will release both this November.

Marcus’ Pick: Godzilla 2



San Diego Comic Con has come to a close, and a good amount of information reached consumer ears over the course of 3 days. Much was discussed and analyzed– focusing on the comic and film industries respectively. Out of all the major announcements, one particularly massive tease showed up at the Legendary panel. This studio is responsible for the Godzilla reboot, which came out back in May. Seems like the legendary (ha) creature will rise out of the ocean once more when Godzilla 2 finally crashes onto the silver screen. Even though we knew a sequel would be inevitable, it came as a shock when Legendary and Gareth Edwards teased us at their panel. The idea of this next installment is mainly exciting not because Godzilla shows up (though we love us some Godzilla), but rather the monsters who accompany him on the screen.

  • Rodan!!!
  • Mothra!!!
  • King Ghidorah!!!

These three iconic creatures are confirmed to be in Godzilla 2, and with this many monsters in one movie, it’s highly expected we shall be in for a grand monster collusion!

My Thoughts: I highly enjoyed Godzilla when I went to theaters on its opening day. Some complained by the lack of screen time Godzilla and while I get that aspect, the reboot, I feel, was intended to give Godzilla a shroud of mystery around him for the debut. With that said though, the sequel should feature much more Godzilla since the initial shock has subsided. I’m skeptical however because with four monsters being featured in one movie, how can they all be giving the proper amount of coverage? Unless the film turns out to be one giant fight fest.

Jordan’s Pick: Season 3 Premiere of Arrow 

The preview for Season 3 of Arrow got me all hot and bothered. I’m a big fan of the show, and last season was undeniably awesome. Season 3 will likely go deeper into how Oliver got more of his Green Arrow skills, and there will most definitely be plenty of twists and turns along the way. That, and he might finally be getting together with Felicity, which is cute and stuff. Brandon Routh will be back in the world of DC as a different character: The Atom. That’s definitely going to make a lot of stuff interesting, and that’s not even touching upon the possible interactions with The Flash universe. Finally, the preview teased the villain of next season: Ra’s al Ghul. He’s got a lot to live up to with Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson, but he will probably be just as memorable. Arrow Season 3 is sure to be something special. Maybe DC doesn’t quite have the movie power (yet) but Arrow‘s television presence certainly makes up for it.

Avery’s Pick: Marvel News and Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover 



My favorite news from SDCC was the (subtle) reveal of the Vision, and Captain America’s broken shield courtesy of the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel. The Vision was cleverly revealed through a collection of posters distributed and debuted at San Diego Comic Con. The collection of posters created an overall view of the Avengers team struggling to subdue a literal ARMY of Ultron bots! The portion that revealed Vision showcases Quicksilver running through a crowd of Ultron bots at super speed; you can clearly see Vision hovering in the air with his trademark cape. It also looks like they honored Vision’s debut color scheme from the comics: red, yellow, & green. While his appearance in the poster doesn’t offer much detail, it’s still enough for me to geek out over (pun completely intended). As for Cap’s shield, most Marvel fans know that his shield was broken/bent in various Marvel story-arcs over the decades. Usually this was done by someone with immense strength or godlike power, as the shield is made of vibranium (basically invincible material). We’ll just have to wait and see what causes the break in Age of Ultron!

An honorable mention of my favorite news was a trailer reveal of footage from the long awaited “Simpsons-Family Guy” crossover episode. That episode is a decade in the making and I can’t wait to watch in the fall!

Lacey’s Pick: Her Universe Fashion Show



One of the major highlights of SDCC for me was the Her Universe Fashion Show. It was great to see fan girls from all over the country represent their favorite randoms through fashion. Also, Ashley Eckstein announced that Her Universe will be releasing a Studio Ghibli clothing line through her website! I’m so excited to see what’s in store – I can’t wait!

What was you favorite moment from SDCC 2014? Let us know below!

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