My Little Rambling #77 – A Look At “Princess Spike”


It’s time to look at the one-hundred-and-first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. “Princess Spike” – the tenth episode of the show’s fifth season – involves Spike trying to make decisions on behalf of the only Mane Six pony featured this time: Princess Twilight Sparkle, who’s sleeping after organizing the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. As always, there will be spoilers.



At Canterlot Castle, delegates from all over Equestria join for the summit, which includes a new statue made out of gemstones from their respective cities. A visibly sleepy Twilight – who organized the summit – thanks the crowd for being there. When Spike tries to address the crowd, however, he feels sad when they still only cheer for Twilight. Since she’s been awake for three days straight, she goes to rest in her room in a tower. Princess Cadance orders Spike to make sure that Twilight’s sleep won’t be disturbed, and he accepts.



Spike uses Twilight’s power to stop many sources of noise: a chirping bird, a polo game, a landscaper using a chainsaw to cut down dragon sneeze trees and a maintenance worker using a jackhammer to repair a water main. Two delegates approach Spike telling him that their speeches were scheduled at the same time and place, so they want Twilight to resolve it. When Spike wakes Twilight up, she’s clearly too tired to make sense, so she goes back to sleep. Spike decides to falsely tell the pair that Twilight said they should give speeches at the same time, which they accept. After rewarding himself with a bowl of gems, however, another delegate tells Spike that the decision was a disaster, and that he’s surprised that Twilight “made” such a bad choice. Suddenly, a group of other delegates mob Spike, and he gives his own advice that he pretends came from Twilight.



Feeling confident that he can keep “helping” Twilight, Spike decides to take care of her meetings as well, which includes telling the maintenance worker to further delay the water main repair. Suddenly, Cadance approaches Spike and acts skeptical that Spike really cares about helping Twilight. He convinces her that he’s doing the right thing, but after she flies away, he exploits his “princes” privilege to pamper himself in various ways. Cadance confronts Spike in the main hall, and he finally admits that he let the “princess” role get to his head. Right as he says that nothing bad happened, however, a corralled bunch of polo players accidentally hit a ball toward the castle, where it hits a dragon sneeze tree that falls and breaks the water main. The resulting blast destroys the hall, and though Cadance manages to seal off the water, Spike has an allergic reaction to a dragon sneeze branch and shatters the gem statue.



All of the delegates are now furious about “Twilight’s” bad decisions, so they run to confront her in her room. Thankfully, Spike manages to outrun them before they enter, but they get even angrier when he says that she’s sleeping. He barricades himself in Twilight’s room, where she finally wakes up feeling refreshed. When she’s surprised to see an angry mob at her door, Spike admits that he made a “few” decisions on her behalf: we quickly cut to him, Twilight and Cadance in the ruined main hall. Cadance pushes Spike to admit that he made the decisions to feel important, like a princess. Twilight tells Spike that he has to take responsibility as a “princess,” which starts with apologizing to the angry mob. When he struggles to put the statue back together, the delegates help him to show that, like the statue’s many pieces, they all must work together to play their parts of all sizes. When Spike is presented with a dragon sneeze bouquet, however, he can’t help beginning a big sneeze toward the statue: before we see what happens, it cuts to the credits.



I thought “Princess Spike” was pretty good. It’s understandable that Spike was caught in an awkward situation: he’s ordered to make sure that Twilight sleeps, but he also has to deal with delegates demanding orders from Twilight. Thus, I can understand that he makes mistakes: particularly since he’s motivated to feel important after he was ignored at the opening ceremony. Spike definitely wants to be loyal to Twilight, but he still has a lot to learn about making rational decisions. I’m surprised that he didn’t get any sort of punishment for the destruction he caused: I guess the delegates who were mad a minute ago just felt sudden sympathy by Spike trying to fix the statue. Having all of the delegates join in to help him was a great way of conveying the lesson in the end.


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