My Little Rambling #78 – A Look At “Party Pooped”


It’s time to look at the one-hundred-and-second episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The eleventh episode of Season Five is called “Party Pooped” (probably not the best title, but never mind that.) When the Mane Six unsuccessfully trying to please a royal delegation from Yakyakistan, Pinkie Pie gets inspired to travel to their remote land to find a solution. As always, there will be spoilers.



The episode begins with the Mane Six at the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle, where Twilight Sparkle is unsuccessfully trying to hide her nervousness. It’s been hundreds of moons since the borders of Equestria and Yakyakistan have been opened, so Twilight has spent a long time planning to make sure that their arriving royal delegation will be satisfied. When the Yaktakistan trio arrives, Twilight welcomes Prince Rutherford and serves them a table full of traditional yak food. Unfortunately, they turn out to be like obsessive-compulsive versions of the Incredible Hulk: since the food doesn’t taste right for some reason, they get angry and cause destruction in the castle foyer.



Later, while the Mane Six are cleaning the foyer, Twilight is still optimistic and says that it’s still possible to please the yaks before Princess Celestia arrives for that night’s friendship party. Though Pinkie (who’s planning the party) was the only one that read the Yakyakistan history book that Twilight recommended, Twilight tells the girls that they can impress the yaks by making Ponyville feel like home. Despite Pinkie’s efforts to help her friends, however, nothing works: the yaks give a destructive response to Applejack’s hay beds, Fluttershy’s animals (none are harmed, thankfully), Rarity’s fabric and Rainbow Dash’s snow, since none are authentic “yak” things. When the Mane Six meet at their roundtable and talk about how things are going so far, Pinkie still agrees to plan the party (though while making bizarre faces to hide her nervousness.)



Pinkie returns to Sugarcube Corner and, while giving Gummy a panicked explanation of what’s going on, gets inspired to travel to Yakyakistan to find something to please the yaks. The Mane Six reads her note saying that she’ll be back in time for the party (though she doesn’t say where she went.) Meanwhile, Mrs. Cake tries to please the yaks with a cake intended to remind them of their homeland: unsurprising, she fails as well. Pinkie takes a train that’s supposed to go to the Crystal Empire, but it stalls in Dodge City due to sheep on the track. Thankfully, she meets Cherry Jubilee there, who also plans to go to the Crystal Empire by pony-drawn carriage. Unfortunately, Cherry and the carriage-pullers fall asleep due to sleep deprivation, so Pinkie saves them from nearly falling into a ravine. They stop on a cliff that quickly breaks, making them fall anyway.



Meanwhile back in Ponyville, Spike tries to entertain the yaks by “playing” a player piano. When they realize that he’s a fraud, the yaks demand a party immediately: since they can’t get one, they leave and plan to bring back more yaks, since they’ve now declared war. Twilight returns to Sugarcube Corner, where the rest of the Mane Six (minus Pinkie) have poorly attempted to plan a party on their own. We return to Pinkie, who’s walking across snowy terrain and telling a funny monologue about how everyone survived the ravine fall. It’s revealed that Pinkie has been walking with Princess Celestia: they arrive at the Crystal Empire’s northern border to Yakyakistan, where Celestia warns that no pony has returned alive. As Pinkie agrees to go anyway, her Mane Six friends are worrying in Sugarcube Corner. Twilight leans against an ice cream statue that somehow opens a trap door, making them all fall through.



Pinkie avoids a deadly monster and finally makes it to Yakyakistan, hitching a sled ride with a cute baby yak. When they arrive at the edge of a slope and the yak jumps off, the ice suddenly breaks and Pinkie begins rapidly sliding backward across literally her entire journey (that’s cartoon logic for ya.) Meanwhile, the rest of the Mane Six discover that they’ve fallen into Pinkie’s secret party-planning cave, full of information on parties for everyone. When Pinkie arrives back at Sugarcube Corner (that’s one amazing sled,) she discovers her friends in her cave and overhears them appreciating all her hard work. She responding with happy tears and explains her journey. Thankfully, there are still sheep on the train tracks, so the yaks haven’t been able to leave the Ponyville station yet. This means that Pinkie gets give them a party by making them feel at home in Equestria, rather than trying to make Equestria feel like Yakyakistan. Rutherford decides to rescind his war declaration and decides that the lands can be friends now. After Celestia congratulates Twilight and Pinkie for their efforts, Rutherford hugs Pinkie tightly.



I thought “Party Pooped” was a good episode for several reasons. Though the Yakyakistan delegation were mostly unlikeable, their absurd reactions did become amusing (my favorite was the outrage at the snow not being right.) It was an interesting twist that the yaks wanted to feel at home without necessarily experiencing the same things as their homes: that might seem confusing, but it worked out because, as it turned out, the yaks were open to trying new things that didn’t need to be compared to their own luxuries. I think Pinkie managed to steal the show: this is definitely one of her better episodes, showing both her dedication to her work and humorous tendencies (seriously, the facial expressions she (and Twilight) make in this episode are hilarious.)


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