My Little Rambling #79: A Look At “Amending Fences”


It’s time to take a look at the one-hundred-and-third episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. “Amending Fences” – the twelfth episode of the show’s fifth season – involves Princess Twilight Sparkle visiting Canterlot to reunite with her old friends: one of whom will prove to be a unique challenge. As always, there will be spoilers.



The episode opens at the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle, where Twilight is relaxing with a good book when Spike confronts her after doing the dishes. He points out that it’s funny that she’s known for dispensing friendship advice now, considering that she was known as a lousy friend in Canterlot. Spike supports his claim by mentioning that Twilight has no photos of her pre-Ponyville friends (whose names she can’t even remember – um, seriously?) Feeling upset, Twilight decides that she and Spike are heading to Canterlot to reconcile this.



Twilight and Spike return to her now-abandoned tower home in Canterlot, which includes her copy of the Predictions and Prophecies book and a ruined teddy bear that Spike wanted to give to Moon Dancer. Seeing her dilapidated home reminds her of how she left her friendships, so the next day, she and Twilight start meeting her old friends. They start with Minuette, who enthusiastically greets her and immediately takes her to a Joe’s donut shop to reunite with Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine. Minuette says that while they often visit her old friend Lyra Hooves in Ponyville, they figured that Twilight has “moved on” as a princess and didn’t want to hang out anymore. Twilight apologizes for not knowing the meaning of friendship in the past, but the trio of friends isn’t upset. The group stands outside their old school and Twilight remembers a day with her and Moon Dancer, who she learns her friends have since lost touch with. When they visit her cottage, they discover that she’s become an antisocial bookworm: just like how Twilight used to be.



After three days of Twilight, Spike and Minuette trying to observe Moon Dancer (I hope Twilight is attending to her royal duties,) Minuette brings up an incident in which Moon Dancer threw a party to try to come out of her shell, but Twilight was too busy studying to attend it. Realizing that that party was incredibly important to Moon Dancer, Twilight decides to try to fix things between her and Moon Dancer. Twilight attempts several methods of talking to Moon Dancer in the library, and all fail except for a spell that involves Twilight literally inserting herself into a page of Moon Dancer’s book. Now interested, Moon Dancer goes with Twilight to the old tower home, where Moon Dancer gets offended that Twilight forgot about a book gifted to her. Twilight offers Moon Dancer the key to the tower home if she agrees to go out to dinner with her friends: she refuses until Twilight bribes her by offering to teach a magic spell. Unfortunately, the attempt at rekindling Moon Dancer’s friendship fails, but Twilight gets inspiration for how to apologize for missing Moon Dancer’s party.



The next day, Minuette is looking for Twilight and Spike when they fly in with their secret weapon: Pinkie Pie (who can spin her tail to fly like Miles “Tails” Prower… okay…) It turns out that Pinkie and Minuette are friends, so while they go off to plan a party, Twilight lures Moon Dancer there with a trail of books. Though she’s having a whole apology party thrown for her, Moon Dancer still won’t forgive Twilight for not only skipping her party years ago, but also leaving town without saying goodbye (she’s still grateful for Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Minuette.) Twilight doesn’t want those mistakes to ruin friendship for Moon Dancer, though, so she also got Moon Dancer’s librarian, bookseller and sister for the party. Twilight tells Moon Dancer just how bad she feels about affecting her life negatively, so Moon Dancer finally warms up to Twilight and accepts a hug from her before saying, “come on everypony, let’s party!” Later, Moon Dancer thanks Twilight for her efforts and rekindling her friendships, and Spike finally gets to give his gift: a photo of the group eating cupcakes.



I thought “Amending Fences” was a great episode. It’s a reminder that one’s past never really goes away, and choices can have far-reaching consequences. While she didn’t necessarily need to go back to meet her Canterlot friends, its understandable that it’s a part of Twilight’s mission to be an expert on friendship. I’m sure that it was especially upsetting for her to see that missing Moon Dancer’s party turned her into a friend-shunning introvert who endlessly “studies” just for the sake of studying… just like how Twilight used to be. Trying to help Moon Dancer seemed like a lost cause for a while, but I’m glad that Twilight finally found the solution instead of giving up like most would.


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