My Little Rambling #81 – Vinyl Scratch is Too Cool to Speak


With an unknown amount of time to wait before the second half of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magicc’s fifth season airs, I figured I’d take a look at a question that came up during its panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015. One fan asked why Vinyl Scratch (a.k.a. DJ Pon-3) “can’t speak,” and the show’s staff responded as I expected: they said that she chooses to speak through her music, which makes her cooler. It’s not that Vinyl is mute: if she did open her mouth, it might sound like dubstep bass (which would be a pretty bizarre sight, in my opinion.)



Thus, it’s a safe bet that Vinyl Scratch won’t be getting an official voice. Am I disappointed? Not really: after all, fan videos such as Epic Wub Time have already accomplished that. Vinyl’s choice to “speak” through music instead of words certainly adds a whole new dimension to her, enhancing her already enigmatic persona. She shows the world all of her character that she needs to: she loves electronic music(created with the help of magic, of course) and isn’t ashamed to express it. It’s certainly been enough to help make Vinyl a fan favorite (myself included.)




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