Metal Gear Rising Director Wants Kill La Kill or Berserk Games

Platinum Games has a pretty swell track record for adrenaline pumping video games. One of the company’s most noticeable titles, Metal Gear Rising, is a spinoff to the renown stealth-focused series known as Metal Gear Solid and with this; emerged a game featuring crazy cyber ninja antics.

It has now come to light that the director behind Metal Gear Rising wants to do a title focused on either Kill La Kill, Berserk or both. Known for their wild plot moments with even wilder fight scenes, this should have fans of series hungry for more.

Kenji Saito’s tweet is direct and straight to the point, with little room to second guess. Platinum Games has also been reaching out as of late and doing all sort of various projects. The developers have confirmed projects such as Transformers: Devastation, Star Fox and the mysterious Nier project. The possibility of either series being formatted to the video game genre is definitely possibly.

With nothing else to go on besides this cryptic tweet, speculations are bound to be high and for good reason; Kill La Kill and Berserk would fit right in with the developer’s style.



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