N3RD RAGE: Kindgom Hearts I


Recently I was feeling nostalgic, so I plugged my good ol’ Sony PS2 and played Kingdom Hearts I. This is hands down one of my favorite games of all time, so I was pretty darn excited to get back into it. Now while I have fond memories of battling the heartless with Sora, Donald and Goofy, there were some aspects of the game that REALLY bother me. Here are some of the things that really bug me about Kingdom Hearts I.



1. You can’t click through cut scenes.



I’m going to start with the fact that I am a very impatient person. That being said, I cannot stand some of the long drawn-out scenes in Kingdom Hearts I. I completely understand the importance of building the story and character development, but it isn’t very fun to sit through hundreds of cut scenes when you’ve seen them LOTS OF TIMES. No please Kairi, tell me again (with your dumb giggle) about how you don’t remember where you’re from. To make matters worse when you die (which is already depressing), you then have to sit through the same exact cut scenes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I end up reacting like this:



2. Sora has the worst jump EVER (Proof at :48 seconds).

One of the most frustrating parts of Kingdom Hearts I is Sora’s dumbass jump. He’s not easy to aim and his feet are gigantic. Can you please jump on the ledge? No. Can you jump on the mushroom smaller than your feet? Nope. CAN YOU JUMP ON ANYTHING?!

 3. Donald and Goofy sometimes hurt more than help.



Whether it’s Donald’s constant dying in battle or when they block you from jumping on a ledge. Donald and Goofy can be really annoying.

4. The inability to move the camera.



After playing countless games like Halo and COD that include two joysticks – one to run and one to move your head, this is very annoying in Kingdom Hearts I. I would find myself running around in circles during battles so I could see an enemy above me. WHY CAN’T MY HEAD MOVE? WHAT AM I, BATMAN?

5. Without looking up guides on the interwebz – you get completely lost in worlds.



Thank god for sites like Super Cheats, otherwise I would have been wandering around for hours with nothing accomplished. It is extremely frustrating.

My reaction:


Sony LOVES to tease Kingdom Hearts fans. It’s OK, I’m not bitter or anything.


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  1. Real rage on points 1-3 and 6…Always and still PISSES ME OFF!!!

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