NYCC 2014 Announcement Roundup!


Hey there comic fans! Now that the dust has settled a bit, here your New York Comic Con Announcement Roundup! Including a bunch of new Marvel titles, and even a couple from DC, which is more than they usually announce at the event.

  • Starting off with the best news to come out of the weekend, Spider-Gwen is getting her own series. That’s right, alternate universe Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman of Edge of the Spider-Verse #2 will have her own ongoing series this February (actually titled Spider-Gwen), in the best idea of all time, revealed at the best panel of all time, the Women of Marvel panel.
  • Continuing right off of that announcement, the same panel also discussed the approaching series for Silk, another spider-person recently revealed to have been bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker.
  • Rounding the best panel out, Marvel announced that its simply titled X-Men series will be taken over by G. Willow Wilson. This will make X-Men better. Oh my god it will make X-Men so much better.
  • Marvel is also getting ready to start a new series in Wolverines, after the death of its favorite bub. Focusing on various related characters to the freshly-dead Logan himself, this new series will release weekly, continuing Charles Soule’s run on the character’s demise.
  • The last of Marvel’s announcements include 3 new solo titles for early next year, starring Ant Man, Hawkeye, and Gamora, each in their own new solo.
  • DC’s main hype train came with the announcement of two new Vertigo imprint spooky cult books, in Effigy, by Grayson writer Tim Seeley, and Clean Room, by Gail Simone. Two outstanding writers, and two spooky scary books to be excited about.
  • Lastly, in an oddball announcement more in line with my personal fandoms, Oni Press announced that they are bringing Rick & Morty to the world of comics. Barely any news yet, but a fun series to look forward to.

That’s all we got for now! Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments below!


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