Tales From The Borderlands STEAM Giveaway


We here at G33king Out do more than just provide people with news about the happenings within the geek world. A community based on enjoying the passions which drive us is the goal we seek to accomplish. With all that said, we like to give back to the people a token of our appreciation whenever possible. Such times are upon us.

By following Marcus’ Twitter (@G33K_Marcus) and his Twitch account (MarcusMadness26), our fellow g33ks will have a chance to potentially win some pretty cool stuff. Stuff including games like Tales From The Borderlands season pass on Steam.

What are the requirements to take part in these giveaways? Simple really, just read on:

  • Follow @G33K_Marcus on Twitter
  • Follow MarcusMadness26 on Twitch
  • Like G33king Out on Facebook
  • RT/Share the specific Tweet/Status to become eligible
  • Sit back and watch for the instructions pertaining to giveaway

Each giveaway will require a different tactic, whether it’s to simply RT/Share a post, to obtain key words and answer trivia or some other matter. The important thing to do is pay attention to our social media sites for when giveaways will take place and how to take part.

You can also check out the review we have on Tales From The Borderlands here.

With that said… May The Force Be With You All!

About the Author

Marcus Lawrence

"They call me "The Man Who Games" but really, my name is Marcus Lawrence and I've been in the freelance field for about 3+ years now. Game reviews, game industry news, opinion pieces and more are under my belt; I strive to gain even more knowledge than the previous day. Ever since I was a kid, I loved gaming and all sorts of other nerdy activities. It was when I saw Adam Sessler on Extended Play years ago, that I knew my calling was the gaming industry. Find me @G33K_Marcus and let's G33k out!

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