Terminator Genisys: Movie Review


Long story short:  Terminator Genisys makes a nice addition to the series.

Coming off of the terrible Terminator: Salvation, there was certainly concern as to whether the latest addition would be a positive one. Both as a fan of the Terminator series, and of Schwarzenegger movies in general – you never want to see (and yet so often do) sequels take the story in a direction that detracts from the originals.



Without giving away any spoilers: I feel like this latest addition worked well in terms of the overall timeline, as well as the direction of the story.  There were maybe two or three elements to the movie that felt a bit out of place (i.e. perhaps they took a bit of liberty relative to the established universe), but it largely felt like it worked. Given the chance I might have made a few different choices here and there, but again – a movie that was enjoyable, a credible addition to the series, and a movie I’ll look forward to seeing again / adding to my collection.

A quick nod to the technical achievements: If you’ve seen Terminator Salvation, you’ll remember the very limited success of digitally putting Arnold’s head on the Terminator body – limited in both the technical sense, and limited in the extremely underwhelming manner that it fit into that movie’s story. In Terminator Genisys, nearly the opposite is the case. The scene fits well into the movie’s story, and the seamless manner in which its done is impressive. There’s even one particular closeup on the digital Schwarzenegger that feels like it’s just there to show-off the level of detail in the digital model, and it works.



My only real complaint with the movie is really aimed at the marketing campaign – and frankly, towards the style of marketing that’s been trending over the past several years. So many critical “hold your breath” and reveal moments are given away in the trailers – it frankly robs viewers of the suspense / surprise that several scenes should have had. As a viewer it’s tough to feel surprised alongside the main characters (as the director undoubtedly intended) during certain scenes, when you’ve already seen it played out in the trailer. Perhaps worst of all was that it wasn’t necessary – this isn’t a movie that’s necessarily light on action. If there were only 2 or 3 action sequences, and they had to get them into the trailer to get people interested – fine. But that isn’t the case here – they could have easily pulled from a dozen different action sequences that were just as visually exciting without giving away big reveals.

So crappy as my review here may be, I’ll conclude simply with this: Don’t watch any trailers, any scene previews (they keep releasing more and more), any clips, any inside looks, etc – just go see the movie. And it’s in that spirit that I haven’t included embedded any video clips in this review.

I give Terminator Genisys 3.5 out of 5 crowns:

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