The Top 10 Pokemon That Still Need Mega Evolutions


Mega Evolutions are awesome. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y pulled quite the successful stunt by including these temporary power boosts as a mechanic, making the pokemon that can utilize the tactic stronger and way cooler looking. While Nintendo has promised more Mega Evolutions, assumedly as DLC, we here at g33kingout can get pretty impatient. Here’s a list of the top 10 Pokemon that could use a mega evolution, and some of the possibilities!


#10: Dugtrio


Frankly, Dugtrio doesn’t look like much. The most memorable thing about the Pokemon is its part in the song from the show, and if anyone recalls the beautiful rhythm and it and diglett’s calls, there won’t be much else that remains significant. However, this little guy could pack quite a punch and quite a lot of speed, and the endearing but dull design could be much improved with a new, mega form. But especially,

What it could be:

Guys. We could finally see the rest of diglett. The thing can’t just be a roundish blob that pops partly out of the ground. They have to dig somehow. A mega evolution that has this beastie surge up and reveal its true form could be either hilarious or super-cool, and satisfying either way. Sometimes I fear that it’s true shape may be hidden, as it is too much for human comprehension, but hey, if the developers could pull of Lavender Town Syndrome, I’m sure they could do this justice.

#9: Spiritomb


So this one’s only in here because it’s absolutely unstoppable, and it’s be cool to see that factor increase even more. You thought that the developers failed to balance Psychic type in the original game? How about Spiritomb, a Ghost/Dark pokemon that, as of the last generation, had no weaknesses whatsoever. This has changed with the inclusion of Fairy type (super effective vs. Dark), but that adds an interesting dynamic.

What it could be:

There are 3 types that resist fairy – Fire, Poison, and Steel. If this thing had a temporary evolution that replaced Ghost with any of these types, or even replaced Dark with just about anything, a player could strategically switch away from its only weakness, at the cost of adding another. Seeing as Spiritomb is an evil spirit bonded to an Odd Keystone item, what if it breaks out to mega evolve? And either turns into crazy angry spirit fire, or solidifies into something like steel?

#8: Arcanine


Oh come on, we all love this guy. Arcanine is not only one of the most badass pokemon to come out of the original 150, he also looks like he’s probably pretty cuddly. And who doesn’t love cuddly? Definitely a bit of a fan favorite, Arcanine’s Mega Evolution could please a lot of pokemon trainers from days past and present.

What it could be:

Honestly, this could be anything. More fire, bigger hair, whatever. It’ll look generally badass and people will love it regardless because it’s Arcanine. Or you could make it black with orange stripes!

#7: Braviary


Braviary is a super tough eagle that is colored like America and can fly like such a badass that it can carry a car. Braviary is pretty kick ass. So yeah, this thing should have a mega evolution. End of Story.

What it could be:

Carry a truck, maybe? Who cares? It’ll be a badass either way.

#6: Skarmory


Speaking of badass birds, this one is made of metal. Skarmory was one of the coolest additions to the second generation, and I’m sure plenty of other kids freaked out when they first saw this pointy monstrosity peek through bushes. Not only does it look awesome, but it featured the brand new and exciting steel type. This one could be brought back to fans in a big way with a mega evolution.

What it could be:

I’m thinking lots of razor wings. Like, each wing at least twice the size of its body, and filled with pointy things. I’m talking Iron Throne pointy. And it’s flying right at you at speeds of up to 180 mph apparently. Or maybe more if it goes mega.

#5: Donphan


Yeah, remember this thing? Donphan was probably the loser of generation 2, after being the first major reveal of new set. If you remember, Donphan was featured in the opening short before the first pokemon movie, and was then promptly forgotten. What better way to revitalize this significant member of pokemon history than with a mega evolution?

What it could be:

Well I guess it’s kinda an elephant crosses with an armadillo, so maybe have it go full elephant with armor plating. Picture this thing becoming a Ground/Steel type, and hulking around as an enormous, impenetrable elephant. Or have it turn into the elephant god Ganesh. Whatever works. That’d probably make Pikachu cry enough tears to bring the humans back to life, or whatever it was that happened in the movie.

#4: Machamp/Golem



Haunter and Kadabra already have their mega evolutions down the line, but what about their brothers, Graveller and Machoke? What did these mid-evolutions have in common from the first generation? They only evolved when you traded them, and then your little shit of a childhood friend unplugged your link cable and ran off with your sweet ass Alakazam. What better way to up the ante on those horrible times you were taken advantage of by your idiot friends than by adding a mega evolution into the mix? As long as you promise to give it back, it totally works. You’ll just evolve it and then I’ll have a Machamp. I even have him holding the Machampite X cause I’M SO EXCITED THAT I’LL TOTALLY GET THIS POKEMON BACK FROM YOU AFTER IT EVOLVES.

What it could be:

I may be getting ahead of myself with the continuing Hindu mythology references, but come on. Machamp gets 2 extra arms after his last evolution, why not get 6 and go full Shiva? Like, super buff Shiva. With a champion belt. Golem I guess could become a bigger rock? Yeah…. great plan.

#3: Farfetch’d


Speaking of dumb trades, remember that rube in the original games who gives you a Farfetch’d for a Spearow? He’ll be even angrier when possibly the greatest flying Pokemon of all time grabs a mega evolution. For those less familiar with Farfetch’d’s (gah apostrophes) badassitude, these guys are on the path to extinction because they’re absolutely delicious with leeks. Yes, that thing it’s holding and kicking your ass with. Not only does Farfetch’d dare you to try and eat it, you wimp, it teaches us that people do in fact eat Pokemon. Sick, twisted people.

What it could be:

A samurai. But even more of one. Maybe with armor made out of pots or dishes or something, just to tantalize you even more before beating the hell of out for trying to eat one of the coolest animal-monster-best friend-things in (fictitious) existence.

#2: Marowak


Marowak is a fan favorite evolution of fan favorite Cubone. This one is tough as nails, and has a heartwarming story to boot. For those still playing catch up, Cubone are adorably sad and creepy Pokemon, who are so sad at the loss of their mother that they wear its skull as a helmet. When one gets badass enough and powers through the horrible struggles of losing a mother, it becomes a Marowak, and kicks ass and loves you forever. But I’m not emotional or anything.

What it could be:

2 bones to smash things with! Also lots of spikes and full body bone armor, just to be extremely intense. Or they could go the other way and make it a Kangaskhan, following the interesting fan theory that Cubone started as the baby Kangaskhan inside their mothers’ pouches, and, one being left alone mutated to form a brand new type of Pokemon. They look a bit similar too. Think about it.

#1: Eevee


I know what you’re thinking. “Eevee isn’t a final evolution, and it has so many final forms already! How could that be your number one choice? Maybe you’re all screwed up cause someone stole a Pokemon from you once, as was made pretty obvious in your explanation of #4 on your list!” Well hey there buddy, let’s not bring my past into this.

Eevee would be an extremely interesting choice for a mega evolution for a number of reasons, despite breaking the game’s logic so far in only pertaining to final forms. First off, Eeevee is the “Evolution Pokemon,” for what it’s worth. This thing has pretty crazy genetic soup, and adapts to all kinds of evolutions, depending on environment, and it isn’t out of the question for the species’ experience and flexibility to transition in a mega evolution. There’s plenty of fan-pleasing reason as well, in that Eevee is an extremely well-liked Pokemon, independent of the evolutions everyone loves. And lastly, Gary kicked Ash’s ass with this thing, and that guy really knew his stuff about strong Pokemon.

What it could be:

Have an Eevee-lution that stays normal type, just a mega form. It can still be pretty Eevee-looking, but maybe with the longer, more slender build of the other evolutions. Seriously, this thing would be huge.

So that’s the rundown of the top 10 Pokemon that still need Mega Evolutions, impatient as it is to be asking now. Didn’t see your favorite on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Outside of Eevee, I agree with your whole list. I was left scratching my head, though, regarding why GameFreak decided to only give just a handful of Pokemon mega-evos instead of all (non-legendary) Pokemon that either were fully-evolved or had no evolution. Like I understand that Lucario is a popular Pokemon, but still…why does it deserve a mega-evo, yet widely outclassed Pokemon like Electrode and Flareon don’t get a mega-evo or any beefs to their stats and shallow movepools? I even would’ve liked to see Zangoose get a mega-evo, but nope. Damn you, GameFreak, for further imbalancing the games. =(

  2. Author
    Steve DiMaria January 21, 2014 Reply

    Definitely agree on the lack of balance in their selections. It would be great to see a few duds take center stage. As for mega evos for all non-legendaries, I just feel like Nintendo straight up doesn’t have enough design power. That’s a ton more salary to pay for designers and coders, but hey, a man can dream.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. What about Dragonite and Mew? Also, Mega Golem should get a Rock/Fire type and Mega Farfetch’d should get a Flying/Fighting type.

    • Author
      Steve DiMaria January 25, 2014 Reply

      I’d love to see a volcanic golem, and flying fighting was a type mix I always wanted. And then Hawlucha came along, and everything was perfect forever.

  4. I’d like to see one for hypno, idc how he would look, jus think it would be awesome

    • Author
      Steve DiMaria April 3, 2014 Reply

      Well, if the end goal is me never sleeping again, we definitely need an even more terrifying nighttime prowler feasting on my dreams and sanity.

      But yeah, Mega-Hypno would look pretty awesome.

  5. need mega for megas

    • Author
      Steve DiMaria April 15, 2014 Reply

      Sounds like we’re getting a bit Power Rangers. So Bisharp I guess?

  6. Sam goverman April 25, 2014 Reply

    Mega lickitung would be hilarious but for mega dug trio I thing it should be hundreds of diglets coming out of a crater sized hole. Also mega snorlax should be a big snorlax with a pouch for munch lax like a kangaskhan. Mega slowking would be cool too probably hilarious to.

  7. Sam goverman April 25, 2014 Reply

    Don’t play x and y my friend Ashton does though I’ve played on it too. To lazy to buy 3ds but the classics on gba are fun to play like sapphire. Mega torkoal with a volcano instead of a shell just gotta live torkoal

  8. Sam goverman April 25, 2014 Reply

    Also my brother has the oddest luck in pokemon crystal found a haunter in the tall grass but tricked him into trading it for a tenta cruel gengar here I come

  9. Um, Eevee? You know, Eevee evolves into Umbreon/Espeon because of it’s happiness. So, if it’s happy enough, it will evolve, and you can’t give it an everstone, (because of the mega stone) so it won’t evolve. You would have to press B after nearly every battle. Sorry, but I hate this idea.

    • Author
      Steve DiMaria August 20, 2014 Reply

      Oh god, that would be terrible.

      I assume it wouldn’t be too difficult for the devs to make it so Eeveeite also functions as an everstone. It wouldn’t really work otherwise.

      I’ll just be over here, still loving the idea.

      • They could make any Eevee with it’s mega stone unable to evolve. Just typing out loud.

  10. I agree with #1! Eevee is the best pokemon ever!

  11. I think eevee should get more than one mega evolution. At least two one for a normal eeveelution and another for flying since they’d both look similar but one would have wings. sorta like an eevee angel.

  12. here is a link to MY drawing of mega eevee

  13. Pokemaniac March 17, 2015 Reply

    I completely agree with the Spiritomb one *u* but you know what would be cool? A mega Froslass :D:D:D I mean, why does Glalie get one and Froslass is just left hanging like that? I’d also like to see a mega Mismagius, or a Mega Chandelure!!! Honestly, it’d be pretty cool if every final form pokemon got a mega evolution!

  14. I think that eevee AND all of his evolutions should get mega evolutions. That would be my dream come true.

  15. Timothy Dib June 16, 2015 Reply

    Hey fellow poke lovers,

    Great post mate. Totally agree with the whole list and I’m sure there are heaps of ppl out there that are like ‘whaaaatttt!!! How could he not say dito! (LOLOLOL) or something like that. But there are plenty of poks out there that need one. We just can’t fit them all in a top ten list lol.

    But personally….just think about it…mega primeape. Now this was everyone’s gen one fav along with charizard, machamp and ….well some other awesome gem 1 pok. Primeape could turn into some sort of white-spiky-heared-ape thing with gauntlets around his massive fists.

    Also ninetails ….this would be amazing and, no typing needed. this would be amazing (period)

    Gen 1-2-3 for life 🙂

  16. Free Games Download November 18, 2015 Reply

    When you remember back to the few years between silver and gold and sapphire and ruby, the popularity began to dip and people were saying that the pokemon craze was over. But when sapphire came out, their stock rose like crazy, bringing back the awesomeness pokemon is known for. That is why I believe it should top the list.

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