The Witch and The Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Review

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software- Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software (JP), NIS America (WW)

Console: PlayStation 4- Release Date: March 4th

*Disclaimer* Reviewer was granted a review code for the game

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You’re supposed to have fun with video games, right? You’re supposed to enjoy them, feel as if playing them is a good use of your time. Yeah, they can be frustrating at times, they can feel like time-wasters, but overall you don’t walk away feeling like you wasted your time.

I’ve never felt like a game has been a complete mistake to play, in that sense. Until I played Witch and the Hundred Knight. 

This is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a man of second chances. And I gave Witch and the Hundred Knight my third and my fourth. It still wasn’t worth the time I gave it. Every minute I played, I wanted the game to be over. I practically begged Marcus to take it back, in pure disbelief of what I was playing. Of course, he said no. And thus, I suffered ever more.

Let me take a step back. This is a remastered version of the original game, which came out on PlayStation 3 two years ago. Witch and the Hundred Knight is about a Witch named Metallia and a spirit named the Hundred Knight. Metallia hates everything and everyone, and so she uses the Hundred Knight to exact revenge on the people who wronged her, as well as spread the poisonous swamp that she is forced to live in across the world. There’s more to the story than that, but I maybe take a guess that unless you’re paid to do it, you won’t see its end.

The dialogue between Metallia and the other characters is a dry bore. Everything Metallia says and does is so try hard and edgy, it feels like a fourteen year old boy wrote her dialogue.


There was a chance for an interesting story about a villain here, but she’s completely unrelatable because of how incredibly evil she is — which would be fine if she weren’t so uninteresting at the same time. The side characters are a tad less unbearable, but no less boring.

The dialogue itself is also stilted in the way it’s written, as if aspects of the script were somehow lost in translation. Lots of aspects of the plot go unexplained, and there are enough plot holes in the story that you could make a window out of them. There are also tons of cutscenes that show up, which are completely useless and nowhere near as entertaining as the skits in a game such as Tales of Symphonia.

All of this would be fine if Witch and the Hundred Knight were any fun to play… which it isn’t. The game is a Diablo-styled hack-and-slash experience. You go around and press the square button a lot to win.


There are a series of complicated sub-systems that are at play in between players pressing square and the enemy dying – such as stacking weapon effects, trying different forms for the Hundred Knight to change stats, and more that the player is welcome to utilize – but I was never compelled to do this, as pressing square was more than enough to win, minus a special move here or there. The best part was that there are a million tutorials leading up to teaching you how to press square.

You can add to the top of the pile that a time-limit system is constantly counting down as players explore and fight enemies. There are ways to bump the clock back up, but I found myself constantly having to retreat in the middle of an area before I could get to the next checkpoint, simply because I was running out of time. As if I wasn’t bored enough.

If I sound dismissive, it’s because I am. I consider myself a very patient person. And it’s not like I’m new to the “quirky JRPG” genre — I mean I’m in the middle of a Hyperdimension Neptunia playthrough right now! But in contrast to Witch and the Hundred Knight, the former game has much more entertaining dialogue and a less grating cast, at the very least.

Witch and the Hundred Knight has nothing going for it in terms of its story, and its gameplay gets ridiculously repetitive by the two hour mark, let alone the thirty or forty hour mark.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition_20160227100454


+It’s a game


-It exists

And that’s the long and short of it. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is uninteresting and unengaging. The one award I can give it is that it’s the first game I’ve ever started to nod off to while playing. That’s not the kind of accolade you normally want to go for though however.


Not even the worst villain needs this


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