Trailer Review: Sin City – A Dame To Kill For


The new Sin City trailer is out, but all I can say is… ok.  Definitely a few cool visuals, and some memorable dialog lines that hint at a conflict driven plot.  Beyond that however, the trailer doesn’t give us much.  Not having any background information about the Sin City story (beyond having seen the first movie), I don’t have any real sense of what the movie might be about – and consequently, whether it’s of interest.  Admittedly, I’ll almost certainly see the movie – if only for the unique style, the gratuitous violence that I love, and curiosity as to the development of the story line from the first movie.   On its own though, this first trailer is a bit of a letdown for me – I’m not at the edge of my seat looking for more, or even counting down the days until the movie’s release.  Rather, my two minute overview based on this trailer is:  I’ll catch it on DVD.

My hope here is that their strategy is one of buildup – showing better and more compelling content with each trailer to come, until release date – making this one seem like more of  a teaser.  My fear however, is that there may not be more compelling footage to show.  Given the talent of the individuals involved in the production, I strongly doubt that to be the case – and if in fact I were betting, would put my money on future trailers revealing more compelling footage.  For the time being however, I’m reservedly hesitant about the movie.

Check it out below, and let me know what you think – perhaps I’m missing something big!



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