Velvet’s Her Name And Pirate Is Her Game!

Tales of fans rejoiced over the weekend during the Tales of Festival, which took place at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. Plenty of juicy details were told within the arena walls but something caused fans to express (and tweet) their uncontainable excitement.

Coming to PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 in the distant future is none other than female pirate Velvet, as she stars in a brand new Tales of game titled ‘Tales of Berseria’! As of this moment, Berseria will be the first Tales of title to reach the PlayStation 4. There are rumors of a Zestiria PS4 port but nothing confirmed as of yet.

Right from the start, people quickly noticed that Velvet was female and looking like quite the badass as well. Now, I won’t blow this point up as much as many other have because it’s not like Tales of games never had strong female roles in the past. Tales of Xillia‘s Milla immediately comes to mind as well as Tales of Vesperia‘s Judith. One could argue Velvet is the first female main protagonist but I would counter with many past female characters have been playable and in some respects, are also main protagonists of their particular game. Bringing Tales of Xillia to the forefront again, Milla could be chosen over the male counterpart, Jude, right at the character select screen. So if I had to get technical, Xillia did the female main protagonist spin first.

In any event, who is playable isn’t the aspect to focus on but rather, what can be done using the pirate theme Berseria is going for. All we have are speculations on the matter since no solid details were released as of yet. Maybe players will have their own pirate ship and can customize it throughout the journey. Maybe we can engage in boarding other pirate ships through a minigame or perhaps open-world mechanics.

Other than the teaser pictures seen throughout the article, we do know who shall voice the fierce looking Velvet. Rina Satou has quite the impressive resume with her as she’s done a number of voices in anime, video games and theater animation. She’s even a singer with albums out already.

Tales of Zestiria hasn’t even launched in NA yet and I already have a mighty need to play as Velvet.


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