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Webcomics are a wonderful format, both in their convenience for publishing on the creator’s side, and the widespread availability of enjoyment on the side of the readership. The Internet is a huge place, filled with tons of excellent creative works in Webcomic form, and we at G33king Out are here to help pinpoint a few great ones. Whether they’re funny, beautiful, or occasionally even moving, this segment highlights some of the superior material published by comic creators around the internet.

In this installment, check out Back, the brand new adventure by two established internet cartoonists.


Described by the creators as “A western/fantasy about the end of the world. Not post apocalyptic just the end of it all,” Back began just a few weeks ago, with double updates every Wednesday. Before the first page even posted, there was a great deal of promise in this comic, with both cartoonists involved, Anthony Clark and KC Green, having a respectable following on their own work. Anthony Clark is a genuinely hilarious writer and artist for nedroid, along with his coloring work on the webcomic standard, Dr. McNinja, and KC Green has made gunshow for years, along with starting a run on the comic book adaptation of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show.

So far, Back is off to as great a start as expected, with cute but captivating character designs, a goofy but intriguing prophecy, and a gruff but likable protagonist. Contrast is very important here, where the overall tone of the story seems to be, on one hand, serious in events, but not take itself seriously at all. The divide keeps the comic fun, while leaving tons of exciting space to be filled with even a bit of drama. Fantastic as expected, the art conveys expressive movement even in its simple design. This is highly cartoony comics done right, with lots of room to grow, and an easy jumping-on point in its early stages.


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