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I could spend hours and hours sharing the most bizarre YouTube videos that I’ve found. I’ve watched countless YouTube Poops throughout my years on the site, but I’m the most fascinated with stuff that seems to explore the farthest reaches of the human psyche. One such video I discovered recently is entitled “Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour,” created by user “seinfeldspitstain” and uploaded on August 14. For those who somehow don’t remember, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a Nickelodeon franchise that began as several shorts in the late 1990s. A full-length movie came to theaters in 2001; its TV series debuted the next year and aired until 2006 (a spinoff called Planet Sheen also aired from 2010 to 2013.) Since the early 2000s was the same time my interest in Nickelodeon faded out, I don’t remember that much about Jimmy Neutron. This “seinfeldspitstain” fellow (Bryan Smithee is apparently his real name) has decided to incorporate it into his collection of hilariously bad, homemade CGI videos… and the result?

Well, I’m sure that humanity will eventually find a way to properly respond to that, but I don’t think that that day has come yet. The lifeless synthesized voices. The windowless, subterranean-looking room. Jimmy’s mom being just a photo. Hugh looking like an experiment from a 1980s-era computer animation team. Jimmy himself being a realistic human who clearly isn’t a kid. Sentences like “do an order of pizza for dinner” and “just another day in the life of Jimmy Nut-Trin.” One has to wonder what Jimmy’s other days are like if a “normal” day involves his dad shooting his mother and then getting decapitated by a flying, self-aware pizza. It boggles the mind, particularly the realization that this video could have been about any mother, father and child, but out of the endless possibilities, the Jimmy Neutron universe was selected.

Anyone can be weird, but this really feels like it was spawned from the most remote regions of one’s mind. It’s nightmare fuel. Once I watched some Russian animation made during the Soviet era: this video gives me the same level of discomfort. The scariest of all is that the video has gotten close to half a million views so far… and judging by the comments, many have become addicted to it.

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  1. NotTellingMyName October 15, 2013 Reply

    Best quotes:

    “Jimmy, your mom is dead. Do an order of pizza for dinner.”

    “Okay, daddy.”

    • Author
      Mark Theroux October 19, 2013 Reply

      Yeah, those are awesome, lol… I also checked out the sequel uploaded four days ago, so I guess seinfeldspitstain is killing it off already.

  2. AGenericUsername June 18, 2014 Reply

    The pizza is aggressive.

    Looks like someone made a Sparta remix of it, too. Normally you would have though Sparta remixes were dead.

  3. Well, It was based off a dream he had.

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